CORE is proud to be a charity beneficiary for the first ever Music City Motorcycle Rally.  There will be several opportunities for you to meet the CORE team and we hope you'll join KATANCHA and the folks at Fontanel in helping us fund the many works that are taking place in this part of the "It City".  Your generosity will provide assistance to many who are experiencing loss and difficulties in life.  By joining us on the CORE Charity Ride on Saturday, July 1st you'll not only help us raise much needed funds, but you'll also enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in this area.  We look forward to meeting you!




CORE is Community Organized Renewal Efforts, a 501c3 non-profit partnership of community families, faith organizations, civic leaders, and businesses, all teaming together to make Nashville's Council District 3 the best place to be in Nashville.  Everyone who lives, works, or worships in District 3 is invited to join us as we seek to bring all the community gifts, assets and resources together to address every need in this area.  Visit us at!